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Musicians Hand & Wrist Problems


For the past four years Mark has been specializing in treating musicians with hand and wrist problems. He has been carrying out regular clinics at the BAPAM offices in Chancery Lane. We also have experienced hand therapists working there who work closely with Mark. Mark is continuing to carry out clinics at this centre once a month.


Increasingly, during the course of this 2020, these will convert to specialist clinics working with musical educators. We plan to develop this in conjunction with video consulting. We have already successfully been running clinics with a piano tutor and we hope to run clinics with BAPAM registered tutors of guitar, violin, cello, and flute. Players of these instruments find themselves in hand clinics more frequently then players of other instruments. We may be able to add other instruments such as the harp in future. The great advantage of video consultation is that we can dramatically reduce the time taken to travel to the clinic and it will also be possible to have consultations with patients, hand therapists and musical tutors without the need for all people to be in the same room. This is particularly helpful when we need to see patients on their instruments particularly when the instruments are impossible or difficult to carry to the clinic. This also gets around the problem of patients perhaps feeling self-conscious playing their instrument in a clinic environment. Many of my patients come from across the UK and some are international. The primary consultation can be very effective as a video consultation and investigations can be arranged remotely. If the treatment is likely to involve injections or surgery then clearly a face to face consultation will be required. Much of the preparation for surgery can be done as a video consultation. In some cases it may be possible to meet in person for the first time on the day of surgery. If the outcomes of the consultation are to arrange more sessions with the music educator or the hand therapist (or both) then it may be possible that some of this will be carried out by video consultation as well.


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London based specialists in treatment of hand & wrist conditions in performers​.


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